Introducing All New Xpert A1 Series Servo

We are proud  to announce the forthcoming Xpert standard size servo for large scale airplane applications, the all new A1 series.

The AS-9501-HV A1+ is the ultimate airplane servo with full aluminum case. It provides maximum 620.20 oz-in of torque with super strong special treated steel gear set. It is soon to be the winners top choice.

MAP: USD$144.99


@8.4V: 620.20 oz-in

@7.4V: 546.18 oz-in

@6.0V: 442.77 oz-in


@8.4V: .08 sec/60°

@7.4V: .09 sec/60°

@6.0V: .11 sec/60°

The AS-8601-HV A1 has aluminum top case with plastic bottom support. The well known Xpert level of precise centering and durability makes A1 the optimum servo option in the market in 2016.

MAP: USD$109.99


@8.4V: 530.22 oz-in

@7.4V: 467.06 oz-in

@6.0V: 378.37 oz-in


@8.4V: .10 sec/60°

@7.4V: .11 sec/60°

@6.0V: .14 sec/60°


It will be available in the US distribution channel in March 2016.

** Hobby Authority Distribution is the exclusive North America distributor of Xpert RC.