GS-6501-HV S1E Standard Size Aluminum Servo

  • Ultra-High performance design specifically for 1/10 and 1/8 surface competitions
  • Supports most high-speed response radio systems on the market
  • All-new full stainless steel gears prolong the durability
  • Enlarged 2mm gear alignment pins for improving the durability under impact
  • Water-resistance structure
  • 25T output shaft with quick release servo lead
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Download specifications


Type Standard
Product Name GS-6501-HV S1E Standard Size Aluminum Servo
Part Name GS-6501-HV
Power Supply 5.0V~8.4V
Speed (sec/ 60°) @6.0V: .139 sec/60° @7.4V: .115 sec/60° @8.4V: .113 sec/60°
Torque (oz/in) @6.0V: 350 oz-in @7.4V: 394 oz-in @8.4V: 417 oz-in
Torque (kg/cm) @6.0V: 25.2 kg-cm @7.4V: 28.4 kg-cm @8.4V: 30.0 kg-cm
Dimensions 40.0mm*20.0mm*44.3mm
Weight 71g
Range 250us-500us,500us-1000us, 1000u-2000us(auto adaptive)
Applications 1/8 and 1/10 Surface Steering and Throttle
Gear Set P/N XGS-S232